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Here's every single Halo 5: Guardians day one multiplayer playlist

It's two weeks to the day until Halo 5: Guardians makes its 60GB imprint on our hard drives, and 343 has seen fit to tell us what we'll be getting on 27th October. As reported by IGN, this is a list of the seven multiplayer playlists (so, crucially, not the entire multiplayer offering of the game) coming on day one - as well as the new, community-focused Weekend Social playlist.

Personally, I'm looking forward to getting my hands on Warzone Assault - as much as I love the MOBA indebted cut and thrust of a round of regular Warzone, this asymmetrical variant - one team/army defending a core, and the other trying to destroy it by any means necessary - sounds like it could get delightfully messy.

Warzone: Escape from A.R.C., Warzone: Raid on Apex 7, Warzone: March on Stormbreak

Warzone Assault
Warzone Assault: Dispatch, Warzone Assault: Array, Warzone Assault: Summit

Team Arena
Breakout: Gambol, Breakout: Trident, Slayer: Coliseum, Slayer: Eden, Slayer: Plaza, Slayer: Empire, Slayer: The Rig, CTF: Coliseum, CTF: Truth, CTF : Fathom, Strongholds: The Rig Strongholds: Eden, Strongholds: Empire

Slayer: Coliseum, Slayer: Plaza, Slayer: The Rig, Slayer: Truth, Slayer: Regret, Slayer: Fathom

Breakout: Gambol, Breakout: Trident, Breakout: Trench, Breakout: Crossfire, Breakout: Altitude

Free For All
FFA Slayer: Eden, FFA Slayer: Regret, FFA Slayer: The Rig, FFA Slayer: Plaza, FFA Slayer: Orion, FFA Slayer: Pegasus

SWAT [including SWAT with Magnums, "SWATnums"]
SWAT: Eden, SWAT: Regret, SWAT: The Rig, SWAT: Plaza, SWAT: Orion, SWAT: Pegasus, SWATnums: Eden, SWATnums: Regret, SWATnums: The Rig, SWATnums: Plaza, SWATnums: Orion, SWATnums: Pegasus

Weekend Social
A weekly playlist that features a mode voted on by the community via Halo Waypoint/Channel. Includes "bonus XP/REQ points", and "the most popular modes have the potential for becoming their own playlist".

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