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Eli Roth returns to Andrew Kevin Walker's Psycho Killer

Eli Roth

Eli Roth and Eric Newman scored big with this year’s The Last Exorcism , which was crowned box office number one and was awarded four stars by anybody who matters (yeah, uh, us).

Now, the duo is re-pairing to produce suspense thriller Psycho Killer , with Zombieland producer Gavin Palone directing a script penned by Se7en ’s Andrew Kevin Walker.

The project has been sitting on Roth's desk for almost two years now. At one stage, Fred Durst was attached to direct it. Which would have been awful, obviously.

The plot follows a travelling serial killer who hacks his way across America.

When he resolves to off a Nebraska patrolman, though, the killer finds himself confronted with the fella’s police officer wife, who’s witnessed the crime and is dead set on revenge. Hell hath no fury etc.

Total Film has inside knowledge of the script, and we can tell you in no uncertain terms that it's packed with insane twists and a third-act that'll have to be seen to be believed.

Oh, and if they film it as written, the first half hour will be a POV shot of our titular psycho stalking and killing a young pharmacist. It's going to make Se7en look like Snow White.

"When people read the name Psycho Killer from the creators of Se7en and Hostel , they know they are in for an intense ride, but one that will be smart and original," Roth told Variety.

But who to play the warring leads? Rumour has it that a stellar up-and-coming actress is being courted for the wife role. Who’ll take a stab at the killer? We imagine they’ll be lining up around the block for this one…