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Edgar Ramirez talks Point Break remake

Edgar Ramirez recently joined the cast of Alcon's Point Break remake to replace the departing Gerard Butler as Bodhi, and has been discussing what we can expect from the new version of the film.

"I cannot believe that I’m making that movie," says the star. "It’s almost magic, the whole thing. I remember I would always joke among my friends about a remake of Point Break . I would say, “You know what? Whenever there’s a remake of Point Break , I’m going to do it.”

And being such a big fan of the original, Ramirez is confident that the remake will be far more than a simple retread…

"I’m very happy, because we’re not going to copy the movie," he says. "It’s a different story, but it keeps the subversive aspect - that you can take charge, that you can be in control, that you can think out of the box and you can reject the system and try to live on the grid, but on your own terms."

"It is a remake in the terms that you have Utah and you have Bodhi and you have that spirit, but it goes beyond surfing and it’s a story that happens in today’s time… I will make sure that I protect its legacy!"

Meanwhile, the project may be about to add another new name to the cast with Teresa Palmer said to be in discussions to take on the female lead...

Directed by Ericson Core and co-starring Ray Winstone and Luke Bracey, Point Break will open in the US on 7 August 2015, with a UK date to be confirmed.

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