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E3 2010: Everything you need to know about Kinect in one place

As pump as most of that lot sounds, we still have hope (well, except Meiks, who's currently on suicide watch, as he's close to taking both himself and his 360 down in one glorious fireball of protest). The reason? Microsoftmade a point of keeping this cavalcade of technicolour nightmares separate from its main 360 press conference, which is happening today at 10:30 PST/18:30 GMT. And original Natal evangelist Peter Molyneux was not trotted out last night.

Above: Believe. BELIIIEEEVE!

That leads us to believe that the event was primarily for the benefit of making pretty pictures to attract the attention of the mainstream and lifestyle press, and that the really interesting stuff (in terms of both games and functionality) will be revealed later on at the 'proper' press conference. Our guesses? An in-depth look at Molyneux'sMilo and Kate(apparently there's much more to it than last year's paedo-entrapment demo revealed), and Molyneux admitting that Fable III supports Kinect, at least in terms of facial recognition when talking to NPCs,and maybe some environmental interaction. We hope that's what's happening. We really, really do. Because if this is it, then as far as getting it right goes, Microsoft has not.

It's out in November

Yup, November. No exact date yet though.

There's no price point yet

We expect this to be revealed at the press conference later on today. And again, this is another wayin whichthe press conference could make or breakKinect for me. If it's priced like a new controller, it'll be fine. If it's priced like a new console, I'll be donning a crash helmet and biker gloves for protection, such will be the force of my face-palming.

It looks like you'll be able to control non-game media with it too

Above: More games, more flailing, then movie-watching, Tom Cruise-style

Note the 'Available on Zune Marketplace' disclaimer. This surely has to mean that MS is upgrading the 360's media player to support Minority Report-style fast-forwarding and rewinding. Which is cool asSatan on a snowboard, but how many times will we use it after we've impressed our mums and dads with it a couple of times?

It's now black and shiny

Look. Oooooooooooooooh...

So what do you think ofit so far? Do you havefaith that the press conference is going to convince us, as we hope it will? Or have you already written Kinect off as Wii HD with more sweating? And if not, what do you hope to see from itas E3 progresses? Explode your opinions into the comments section, or throw them towards our community portals onFacebookandTwitter, where we will happily catch them and keep them safe and warm.

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