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E3 2004: Five Years Later

Spider-Man 2 was still more than a month away, but the hype train was chugging right along with replica Doc Ock arms…

…and a plus-sized Spidey balloon hugging the outside of the convention center. Too bad Spider-Man 3 turned out to besuch a mess.

Namco was busy tossing Death by Degrees t-shirts off their probably-too-expensive stage. Really, you needed a stage for Death by Degrees and Xenosaga?

Remember when Bloodrayne was relevant enough to warrant cosplay? Funny thing is we saw her again at another event months later with the same costume. Wonder how much play it gets now.

Not sure what game these two sad sacks were promoting, but based on the backdrop, we’re guessing it’s some long-forgotten Korean MMO. Hm, we just found out it’s for Mu Online. Thanks, internet!

2004 was a big year for Vin Diesel – Chronicles of Riddick appeared in theaters, the game tie-in was a success and this E3 appearance gathered the largest crowd of the whole damn show. In the background: Half Life 2’s movie booth.

X-Play’s Morgan Webb came down to our level for a brief autographing stint, seen here posing with someone who probably still has this as cell phone wallpaper.

Wrapping it all up is the South Hall, then pasted with Atari ads and America’s Army pushers.

With that taken care of, be goddamn sure you follow GR’s many, many E3 2009 features, podcasts and other stupid crap we think up while running our asses off.

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