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Duke Nukem Forever Achievements and Trophies Guide

He's Got a Hologram!

5 Points
Bronze Trophy
Use a Holoduke in SP

The first time you’ll get the Holoduke is when you are on the rooftop at the end of The Duke Burger level.Enter the small room there and grab it from a crate.There will be an onslaught of enemies here, so feel free to use it and get yourself the achievement/trophy.


20 Points
Bronze Trophy
Foot stomp 12 aliens

You will come across the Shrink Ray a couple times throughout the game, but the first time is just before you get the HoloDuke at the end of Duke Burger.Use the Shrink ray on the swarm of invading enemies on the rooftop and look down at them as you run over them to stomp them.Get 12 and get your reward.

I Am All That Is Man

40 Points
Bronze Trophy
Discover all Ego cap awards

There are a total of 28 different ego awards that can be found throughout the game.Some can be found in multiple chapters multiple times (such as the paper airplane in Dam Top can also be found on the desk in The Shrunk Machine) but once completed in one chapter it will be carried over and counted as completed in others as well.This is why if you check the amount of ego items still left in different chapters it may say 2/6 or something to that effect, but if you then get those ego awards in other chapters it could then say 6/6 without even playing that specific chapter.Here’s a full list of the ego awards available:

Duke Lives

Take a whizz in the toilet
Look at yourself in the mirror
Sink all the balls on the pool table without scratching

Duke Cave

Sink a basket in the basketball net
Curl dumbbells
Bench press with a full 600lbs.
Score over 250,000 on pinball
Hit the speedbag
Hit the punching bag

The Lady Kiler

Win on a slot machine in the casino

The Duke Dome

Xerox your ass on the copier in the construction trailer.

The Hive

Slap the wall titties

Titty City

Use the glory hole in the washroom
Cook popcorn in the upstairs office
Request a special dance from stripper on stage
Place the DVD on the desk in Duke’s office into the DVD player
Win a hand of poker on the terminals near the game room
Win a game of Alien Abortion
Win a game of Air hockey

Crash Course

Toss the Frisbee when you reach the ledge with the dead EDF soldier

Duke Burger

Smoke the cigar (in the supply room behind where you start)
Read the porn mag on the floor in the washroom

Mighty Foot

Use binoculars to spot the sunbathers and GIANT SHARKS!
Use the computer in the booth to the right of the road where the gas can is

Ghost Town

Read the porn mag on the floor of the chapel

Dam Top

Fly the paper airplane in the back of the bus at the far end of the road

The Shrunk Machine

Look at the calendar on the wall, through the double doors - same one as the “I need a date” achievement/trophy”

The Forkstop

Read the porn mag in the office atop the small flight of stairs

I Need a Date

5 Points
Bronze Trophy
Look at every page of a calendar in SP

When you first get the freeze ray and enter the next room that is full of enemies, there is a set of double door on the far left side.Go through those doors after some pigcops bust through them and look behind you to the left on the wall to find the calendar.Looking at it will give you an ego award, but flipping through all the pages will give you the achievement/trophy

I Need a Towel

10 Points
Bronze Trophy
Get hit by 10 Pregnator bombs

You will first encounter the Pregnators in The Hive level.They are small aliens with four legs that spit white goo at you from a distance.Let it hit you 10 times, as nasty as it is, and then pay them back with some good old fashioned ass kickings.

Judge, Jury, Executioner

20 Points
Bronze Trophy
Execute 20 aliens

When you use the freeze ray on the aliens, instead of simply smashing them to pieces, you will always be given the option to execute them. Do so to 20 of them and this is all yours. You can execute aliens without freezing them, but it only happens sometimes.You can tell an alien is open to an execution when they slump down on their knees.


5 Points
Bronze Trophy
Take steroids in SP

The first time you get the steroids is during The Duke Cave when you replace all three power cells. Once the third has been placed, a bottle of pills rises and aliens start to pour into the room. Pop the pills and then pop some aliens.