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Dreamy Kingdom Hearts 3D bundle to drop in distant Japan

Louis Vuitton doesn't consult for Square Enix, but it's easy to assume otherwise after checking out the newly announced Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance bundle.

Set to hit the runways (and game stores) of Japan, the stylish Kingdom Hearts themed DS is the highlight of the bundle. According to Andriasang, Square Enix will also be adding a special edition Augmented Reality card to all first run prints that will unlock a rare Dream Eater to use as an ally inside the Kingdom Hearts sequel.

A Kingdom Hearts 10th Anniversary Box is also on its way, however no details on its price or release date have been released. We assume it will appear somewhere around Kingdom Heart's 10th Anniversary. The bundle will launch with the sequel itself in Japan on March 29. Considering the game has been confirmed for a North American and European release “sometime in 2012”, there's still a chance the trend-setting package will also arrive on western shores. It might seem unlikely, but with both the Zelda and Mario 3DSs arriving in the states we're going assume that this sexy system will, too.