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Dragon's Lair: Xbox 360 update of FMV trailblazer (probably) outed by PEGI

A PEGI rating's appeared for an upcoming Xbox 360 game called Dragon's Lair, marking the game with a 7+ and noting the title's “Violence in a cartoon, slapstick or childlike setting.” Sure, “Dragon's Lair” is pretty generic as titles go, but if you're talking cartoon fantasy violence, surely you're talking about this?

As noted by VG24/7, the game's publisher, Microsoft Ireland Research, specializes mainly in XBLA titles – which would seem an obvious fit for the title. After all, while we weren't so sure about paying $50 for the title (see our Dragon's Lair HD review from a couple years back), Dragon's Lair remains a one-of-a-kind curio worth exploring by historically-minded gamers. We gave the game the #1 spot on our list of The Top 7... Least interactive games; hopefully soon you'll be able to tell us whether or not that's actually a compliment...