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Doctor Who For Comic Relief - Exclusive

Amy Pond meets Amy Pond. Steven Moffat reveals what part Doctor Who is going to be playing on Red Nose Night

A new mini-adventure of Doctor Who is going to be playing an important role on Red Nose Day on 18 March, and showrunner Steven Moffat has given SFX the inside skinny on what’ll be happening:

“Two episodes. Two mini-episodes. Very, very small episodes – maybe eight minutes in total, so that’s around four minutes each. It’s not a spoof. It’s in the style of the ones that we’ve done for Children In Need , so it’s taken seriously as a proper bit of Doctor Who – funny, but not a sketch. A little miniature story. One’s called ‘Space’ and one’s called ‘Time’, so they’re Space & Time. And there’s a moment with two Amy Ponds in it. If you’re a red-blooded male surely that’s enough! You’ve got Amy Pond flirting with herself.”

This is just your personal fantasy, isn’t it?

“It’s everybody’s personal fantasy! I’m really, really pleased with them. I think they’re really good, really very funny. It’s Matt, Karen and Arthur, and there isn’t a guest character. It’s just the three of them. A moment of life aboard the TARDIS. But obviously life about the TARDIS instantly gets you into terrible jeopardy, and all of causality is threatened. As I’m sure it is every day when they get up and have their coffee…”

Watch Comic Relief: Funny For Money on Red Nose Day. Friday March 18th, 7pm, BBC One

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