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X-Men director Brett Ratner is producing a Tetris origins movie

Ok, I'll get the joke about it being a blockbuster out of the way first, shall I? *tumbleweed* Well, yes, X-Men: The Last Stand and Rush Hour director Brett Ratner is on production duties for a Tetris movie about the life of Russian designer Alexey Pajitnov.

As reported by The Tracking Board, Ratner is joined by fellow RatPac Entertainment founder James Packer and the hunt is on for a screenwriter to bring the story to life.

If you want to swot up on your Tetris know how, look no further than BBC documentary Tetris: From Russia With Love to learn about the fascinating creation of the game in the USSR. Pajitnov was working as a computer programmer in 1984 when he made the blocky wonder but due to the fact that he ceded his rights to the game to the government, he didn't make any money from it until the '90s. Plenty of juicy biopic material.

For other Tetris goodness, check out documentary The Ecstasy Of Order: The Tetris Masters which follows the ultimate masters at the game and genuinely shows someone playing and beating invisible Tetris. It kicks in at about 5:10. Watch and weep.

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Louise Blain
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