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"Did The Walking Dead really just do that?" - here's the best reactions to the season 7 finale

The Walking Dead season 7 finale aired in the US last night (UK viewers will be able to catch it tonight) and unsurprisingly, shit went down. Although this season has been more than a little lacklustre, fans weren't disappointed by the final episode, which included enough blood, guns, and heartbreak to keep them happy. I'm now going to be talking about major spoilers for the episode so if you haven't seen it yet, turn away now. Everyone else, scroll past the zombie.

As was expected, the finale included the death of a core character. It was time to say goodbye to Sasha - perhaps unsurprisingly, given that she's due to be the lead in the new Star Trek: Discovery series - but it wasn't just her demise that fans were freaking out about on Twitter during the episode. Here's some of the best reactions to the major Walking Dead finale moments.

Abraham is back (even if it was only in a flashback)

Jadis hit on Rick in front of Michonne!?!

The garbage people's betrayal was a bit of shock...

Nothing could prepare us for zombie Sasha

Thankfully, Shiva the tiger saved the day

Now we just have to wait for season 8...