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"Did the episode really just end that way?" – The internet reacts to The Walking Dead season 8, episode 3

The Walking Dead season 8, episode 3 has thrown up some interesting questions that should (hopefully) carry the show towards the mid-season finale. There was side-eye galore, a fight between fan-favourites, and a cliffhanger that had people pulling their hair out. As you can imagine, the internet had a lot to say about it. Spoilers for The Walking Dead season 8, episode 3 follow…

Long live the King

Let’s start at the end: King Ezekiel, Carol and the rest of his followers were attacked by unknown assailants. I mean, they’re probably Saviors and it’ll all be sorted out in the first 30 seconds next week, but, hey, it made for a far more interesting ending than recent efforts.

Daryl vs. Rick?

Another person going all shooty-shooty was Daryl. Not only did he end Morales and Rick’s (actually pretty cool) standoff with a quick arrow, he started breaking Rick’s promises and killing without mercy. It’s almost as if this episode was called Monsters for a reason! I just hope Rick vs. Daryl isn’t in the works. It’s like choosing between your favourite pets, except one has greasy hair and rides a motorbike.

Well, Jesus vs. Morgan happened, so...

Elsewhere, fans got into a tizzy about Jesus and Morgan going mano-a-sticko. We’re nearing Thanksgiving so now is a good a time as any to practice what it feels like watching family fight. Probably minus the 5-foot pole, though.

Still shambling along

But, this being The Walking Dead, not everything was absolutely positive. Fans are still complaining about things moving along at a zombie snail’s pace and, god forbid, comparing it to events on the farm in season 2.

What did you think of the episode? Let us know in the comments! Also, be sure to check out our review of this week's The Walking Dead.

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