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Destiny's Sparrow Racing League comes with new emotes and horns

So everyone is going to hear you coming in Destiny's new Sparrow Racing League that kicks off tomorrow. Not only can you earn special racing armour over the three week period and buy a slew of new emotes, there are 12 unique horns to earn when you complete races. No Gjalla-horn confirmed as yet but ducks and chimes are in there and you can hear them in the video from My Name Is Byf below. It's worth noting that these are all Rare when you earn them but convert them to a Legendary horn and you can keep them after the SRL has finished.

Armour wise, everything that can be earned is racing centric. Each item in the Circuit range has perks to make the most of your time on your sparrow. The Circuit Gauntlets will let you use less fuel in your side boost, while the Circuit Chestplate comes with a perk to reduce the cooldown time before you can get one another one if your vehicle gets destroyed in the mayhem. There are even trick perks that pair up with the more stunt friendly options amongst the 9 new sparrows on offer.

And then there's the emotes. Bungie is having far too much fun with this as it adds jazz hands (surely, spirit fingers), air guitar and the Jump On It dance. All 14 of them are in the video below from GF - LaserBolt. Goodbye, real life silver.

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Louise Blain
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