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Destiny refer-a-friend quest hands out high five and duo dance emotes

If you want to be able to high five your teammates in Destiny, you're gonna have to use the buddy system. At least part of the game's upcoming refer-a-friend system system has leaked via Destiny Tracker, revealing a questline where two Guardians go from completing Story missions together to clearing their very first Nightfall Strike, collecting unique rewards all the way.

The questline is named A Tale of Two Guardians, and each step requires you to finish objectives with a "Linked Friend." It's not clear how players link up, but Bungie is positioning it as a way for experienced players to help out the "Kinderguardians" who join Destiny over the holidays and beyond.

Aside from a high-five emote, A Tale of Two Guardians will also hand out a "Duo Dance" and other party favors like a Legendary weapon and weapon telemetry. You'll also see a few more refer-a-friend items that aren't rewarded from A Tale of Two Guardians if you nose around your Collections at the Tower, including a rad Legendary Sparrow with neon trim. It looks like Bungie has even more rewards planned for co-op buddies beyond that initial quest.

Until we find out more, you can check out the video above to see some of the new rewards in motion.

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