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Here's how to watch the Death Stranding launch trailer

It's hard to believe the time has finally come, but we're here, friends. The Death Stranding launch trailer is now live and you can watch it above, although you might want to make yourself comfy, as it clocks in at a hefty 7:54.

The other thing to be wary of is that there's a lot of story details in this trailer (it's not nearly 8 minutes for nothing) which we won't go into here in case we cover things you don't want to know before launch. Just proceed with caution if you want to go into the game as blind as possible before it's launch on November 8. 

It follows a tease on the Kojima Productions Twitch channel that went live yesterday, which teased the trailer's debut. We enjoyed listening to the moody background music on it, which was sort of soothing but also sort of menacing, somewhere between Enya and Trent Reznor. 

The Death Stranding review embargo is set for November 1, which means you won't have to wait long after to find out our thoughts on the game. Then you'll be able to start playing it yourself on November 8. As for me, I wish the trailers would just keep coming forever.

The Death Stranding launch trailer's debut will be part of PlayStation's Paris Games Week lineup, an event that Sony has made a major focus for marketing upcoming PS4 games. Though it recently confirmed a The Last of Us 2 delay, there's a good chance we'll see some more of the game there. Hopefully we'll also get a long-awaited fresh look at Ghost of Tsushima, the semi-historical samurai game that has had precious few appearances since it was announced at Paris Games Week 2017.

While you're waiting for the stream to begin, get an early tour of PS4 Black Friday deals and figure out what savings to expect.

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