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Dead Space 2 Video: Full Access Playthrough

In case you didn’t read our site for the last 48 hours,we really enjoyed Dead Space 2, so much so that we were ready to get the cameras running on our second playthrough posthaste. We skipped the first half-hour and come in just as Isaac gets a chance to fight back against the hideous Necromorphs and grab his iconic suit.

Watch as reviewer Henry Gilbert tries his best not to embarrass himself while playing the game with an audience. Marvel as he unlocks weapons and over-powered items only available at the start of a New Game + campaign. Cringe along with Brett Elston and Chris Antista as they witness Hank nearly dying several times. Gasp as limbs are severed and corpses are stomped until they’re a fine, bloody mash. Be there or be scared!

Jan 26, 2011

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