1942 & Black Tiger video: Full Access Playthrough

In keeping with what’s evidently becoming a weekly tradition, welcome to another FAP that - yes! - even we the participants were dreading. It’s another Virtual Console Monday, and it seems Capcom has been gracious enough to bestow us with TWO more arcade “classics,” 1942 and Black Tiger:

Once again, the only thing more ridiculous than the difficulty of the games this week, is the laughable price they’re commanding. Both titles have been made available elsewhere for less than half the cost, and in some cases, even FREE... So let’s take a FAP-happy look at what only the most nostalgic and well-to-do breed of gamer would ever be able to justify paying EIGHT BUCKS for.


You’re no doubt most familiar with this one, as it’s the inaugural schmup in Capcom’s long line of games titled with dates instead of names. The gameplay works just like we remembered, although the plane itself feels significantly heavier, slower, when compared to the spacey shooters we play today. Needless to say, we dove in completely overestimating our muscle memory and died a lot.

Black Tiger

Eric was the only one who’d even heard of this one. Known as "Black Dragon" in Japan, you’re looking at the spiritual successor to the infamous quarter bandit,Ghosts ‘n Goblins. With an adorablebarbarian subbing for Arthur, added health and the ability to “block” make this game just alittle bit easier thanGnG. However, it’s certainly no less meanspirited.

Above: Could this be the finest game Kihaji ever produce?!

Black Tigerwas built to shake coins from your pockets, and as such, comes off as remarkably cruel today. Enemies shoot you from and through places where you cannot shoot back, nearly 50% of treasure chests contain harmful booby traps, and for a guy firing out a tri-spread fan of daggers AND a yo-yo mace, he can’t seem to smite anything in less than seventeen shots. If there’s anybody out there who actually remembers enjoying this thing, please prove us wrong in the comments below.

Jan 24, 2011

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