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X-Men Arcade video: Full Access Preview

This week's XBLA/PlayStation Network releasewas X-Men Arcade, a home conversion of an arcade classic that countless children of the '90s have been waiting for. Now that it's finally here, will themindlessly fungameplay hold up, or is this former quarter-muncher merely a relic of the past? Let's find out together!

This episode: Brett, Cheryll, Henry and Matt grab four controllers and fight through wave after wave of exploding robots. Each of us had something positive to say about the game's arcade glory days, but then Matt swoops in at the end with some serious naysaying. What're your thoughts? Bought it already? Don't see what the big deal is? Are you falling in love all over again? Let us know!

And thanks for the feedback on the last FAP - we're gonna crank these suckers out more and more when the new year begins. In fact, we've already got one scheduled for the first week of January that covers some of the same ground you see here...

Our very first FAP!

The funky-ass level 2 music by Fukami, Nakano, Takenouchi and Hashimoto

A who's-who of the fighting classic