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Bulletstorm video - Full Access Preview

Calling this here FAP a “preview” is a bit of a misnomer, but hey, the game’s technically not out yet. The demo, however, just hit 360 and PS3 this morning and we were among the first to download and revel in the wonderfully unnecessary nastiness:

The demo showcases Echoes mode, a more arcadey and streamlined offshoot of the singleplayer campaign, where you commit creative atrocities forpoints on a leaderboard. As you can see above, we didn’t truly do it justice. We failed to perform a proper slide, nor could we pull off any of thetesticle decimating “Mercy Kills” despite our best efforts. *boo hoo* However, we still managed to keep in good spirits andnail our own admirable little ballet of blood… BUT only after we got stuck in the goddamned environment and had to restart? Bad Demo, BAD!

Above: Not a "Testi-Kill," but at least we shot his leg clean off

That glitch aside, the demo is fun as hell, and just so you know, we continued discovering stuff to do wellafter we stopped capturing. So before you accuse us of being biased against this or that, why don’t you hop the hell online and try it for yourself – it’s free, dingus.

Head hereto see our interview with Cliff Bleszinski concerning Bulletstorm orhereto read our latest hand-on preview.

Jan 25, 2011

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