Dead Rising 3 complete combo weapon guide

Combo Weapons 61-70 

* Mecha Dragon
Created by combining: Dragon Head + Parasol
Blueprint found: Inside a house in the northwest corner of Ingleton

* Mecha Dragon Blade
Created by combining: * Mecha Dragon + Katana Sword
Blueprint found: In the back alleyway in north Ingleton near the challenge marker

Metal Mary
Created by combining: Football + Bowie Knife
Blueprint found: At the end of the sewer tunnel heading to the graveyard in northeast Ingleton, accessed during Chapter 2 mission

Mini Chainsaw
Created by combining: Meat Cleaver + Chainsaw
Blueprint found: Unlocked by completing Chapter 2 side mission Craven Consultant

Napalm Bomb
Created by combining: Propane Tank + Motor Oil
Blueprint found: Unlocked by completing Chapter 3

Party Gloves
Created by combining: Boxing Gloves + Toy Robot
Blueprint found: In the summer house in the grounds of the large house in northeast Sunset Hills

Pole Weapon
Created by combining: Spear + Hat Rack
Blueprint found: In the Motel Safe Zone unlocked by Anna in Ingleton

* Power Shout
Created by combining: Pylon + Speaker
Blueprint found: On the roof of Speed Demons Auto Worx in central South Almuda, accessed from the upstairs window of Speedy’s Spot Strip Club

* Provoked Bear
Created by combining: * Boom Bear + Portable Stereo / * Cuddly Bear + Dynamite
Blueprint found: Behind the School in southwest Sunset Hills

Pukes O Hazard
Created by combining: Chemicals + Lead Pipe
Blueprint found: In the back garden of the Collector’s House in northwest Sunset Hills, accessed during Chapter 6 mission