Dead Rising 3 complete combo weapon guide

Combo Weapons 91-101 

* Tactical RC Gunner
Created by combining: * Tactical RC + Assault Rifle
Blueprint found: On top of a large truck outside Los Perdidos Police Dept in west Central City

* Tactical UAV
Created by combining: * Tactical RC Gunner + Grenade / * Tactical RC Bomber + Assault Rifle
Blueprint found: On the roof of Colombian Roasters store in southeast Central City

Created by combining: MMA Gloves + Car Exhaust
Blueprint found: By the rear exit of the boxing gym in central Ingleton

* Ultimate Buffet Cart
Created by combining: * Meat Buffet Cart + Large Soda / * Drink Buffet Cart + Lettuce
Blueprint found: Unlocked by purchasing the second tier Smarts Attribute

* Ultimate Grim Reaper
Created by combining: * Death Mask Reaper + Gasoline Canister / * Fire Reaper + Reaper Mask
Blueprint found: Inside Shanks martial arts weapon store in central Ingleton

* Ultimate Mecha Dragon
Created by combining: * Mecha Dragon Blade + Firecrackers / * Flame Mecha Dragon + Katana Sword
Blueprint found: In the Opera House Maintenance Entrance tunnel in southeast Ingleton

* Ultimate Shout
Created by combining: * Super Shout + Battery / * Electric Shout + Portable Stereo
Blueprint found: Inside the burning skip next to the building site in south South Almuda

* Volatile Bear
Created by combining: * Pushy Bear + Dynamite / * Boom Bear + Wheelchair
Blueprint found: On the roof of Sunset Hills Inn in south Sunset Hills, accessed through the Severed Ties building next door

Weapon Cart
Created by combining: Shopping Cart + Pitchfork
Blueprint found: In tunnel under southwest Sunset Hills, accessed through Los Perdidos Utility or the Subway Station

Created by combining: Assault Rifle + Shotgun
Blueprint found: In Los Perdidos Police Dept while Following Hilde during Chapter 3 mission

Zombie Raker
Created by combining: Katana Sword + Leaf Rake
Blueprint found: Inside the Los Perdidos Communication entrance in east Sunset Hills, unlocked in Chapter 3 when looking for the Illegally Infected