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Dark Souls Remastered full walkthrough guide: every area, boss, secret and more


Return to the blacksmith Andre of Astora in the Undead Parish. From here, you can exit out the bottom of the Parish past a Titanite Demon (see the above optinal section if you haven’t already defeated it) and into the Darkroot Garden. Take the path to the right of the door that is (or was) sealed until you reach a fog door. Pass through it.

Immediately turn right and look for an odd tree: one that is moving ever so slightly. Attack it to reveal a hidden path. Continue along this path and you’ll run into another living tree. Cut it down to continue.

Look to your right for a set of broken stairs leading up. At the top of this path you’ll encounter a Giant Stone Knight. These enemies cannot be backstabbed, so wait for them to attack, then counterattack. Magic and Pyromancy are also effective against these enemies. Just past this knight you’ll find the Wolf Ring, which boosts your poise by 40 points. Go back down the stairs and head right. Walk until you reach the cliffs edge, then, with the edge to your right side, continue walking. You’ll round a corner and find the soul of a proud knight.

Return to where you cut down the first living tree and head to your right. You’ll notice several Giant Stone Knights lying in the woods here. Getting too close will awaken them, so stay away if you don’t wish to fight. However, you may notice an item along the right side of this area. This is the Elite Knight Armor Set. You can grab it and run away if you don’t wish to fight the giants and the demonic foliage that pop up.

You will have to engage the one giant guarding the tower pictured above to proceed, however. Enter the tower and climb the stairs. At the top you’ll find a fog door. This leads to the Moonlight Butterfly. Before you enter, make sure to equip a shield that has high magic resistance (such as the Crest Shield). If you have some Gold Pine Resin handy and a weapon to use it on, put it in your quick slot.


This fight is as simple as it gets: wait for the butterfly to land, then put your weapon in both hands and swing away. While the butterfly is in flight, it will spit various forms of magic at you. Dodge the slow-moving projectiles and block the quick ones. If you have the Crest Shield, or any other shield with high magic resistance, you will take very little damage when blocking the butterfly’s attacks.

Continue on and go up the next tower. At the top you’ll find the Divine Ember and the Watchtower Basement Key, the latter of which is worthless if you already have the Master Key.

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