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Dark Souls 3 PvP ambushes are my new favorite YouTube video category

Be careful when you venture forth into other players' worlds in Dark Souls 3 for a bit of PvP action. Even if you consider yourself a Souls series expert, the community is proving that nothing is sacred and nowhere is safe in From Software's latest medieval fantasy nightmare. Ambushes, traps, and ganks are the norm here, and several players have already shown their mastery over the art of deception.

Two weeks out from release (at least here in the West), I've already found three of my favorite PvP skirmish videos. Enjoy the visions of Dark Souls 3 PvP trolling ahead: 

And for the would-be ambushers out there, don't let this collection of videos make you too cocky. As this final video from Oroboro shows, karma has a funny way of biting you in the ass. With a giant sword.

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Sam Prell
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