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NBC planning a Cruel Intentions TV show set 20 years after the film

Another ‘90s classic is being converted into a TV show, with Deadline reporting that NBC is planning to bring Cruel Intentions to the small screen. The new show will pick up some 20-odd years after the events of the original film, and will focus on Bash Casey, the son of Ryan Phillippe and Reese Witherspoon’s characters.

Original screenwriter Roger Kumble will be teaming up with Lindsey Rosin and Jordan Ross, creators of stage show The Unauthorized Musical Parody Of Cruel Intentions, suggesting that the risqué humour of the original will be back once more. There’s no word yet on whether Witherspoon or Sarah Michelle Gellar’s characters will be involved at all, although we’d imagine they’d be re-cast in any case.

While Cruel Intentions (itself a remake of Les Liaisons Dangeroux) remains something of a cult classic thanks to its catty script, voguish soundtrack and the sex appeal of the three leads, it remains to be seen whether there is still an appetite for a TV spin-off some 16 years later. No air date has been confirmed at this stage.

George Wales
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