Crackdown 2 video achievement guide

There are 5 types of Audio Logs that can be found throughout the city. There are PCNN News reports, logs from the Freak Watcher, Surveillance logs, logs from the Cell Leader Catalina Thorne and finally, Whistleblower Files. There are 52 Audio Logs all together and while they may seem kinda “meh” as collectibles, they do add some story to the game that is pretty lacking. But anyways – grab one of any of the logs for the achievement. And make sure to check out our Audio Log Guide!

The Closer
Gamerpoints: 20
Close down every Freak Breach in Pacific City, alone or with another Agent.

Hit up all 25 Freak Breaches around the city and wipe out all the Freaks that come out of them. It’s a lot of work for 20 points.

Tower Power
Gamerpoints: 20
Complete the final phase of Project Sunburst at Agency Tower, alone or with another Agent.

Part of the story mission. You’ll get this on your way to completing the game.

Unity Heights Savior
Gamerpoints: 50
Detonate every Beacon in Unity Heights, alone or with another Agent.

A storyline achievement. You’ll receive it on your way to completing the game.

Victory Roll
Gamerpoints: 10
Alone or with another Agent, kill an enemy with a mounted turret while airborne and upside-down!

This is a tricky one to nab alone. If you are by yourself, hit jumps and ramps in the agency buggy and aim for a crowd of freaks to capitalize on your spray and pray. The easier way is to get a buddy and either have him kick over your car, pick it up and throw it or tether it upside down, while you fire the chaingun all willy-nilly hoping to hit something.

Who's the Daddy?
Gamerpoints: 50
Develop each of your skills to their maximum levels.

As the description says, get each of your skills; Strength, Agility, Firearms, Explosives and Driving up to the full level.

Wingsuit Racer
Gamerpoints: 20
Glide through every Wingsuit Stunt Ring in Pacific City.

There are 20 wingsuit stunt rings throughout Pacific City. Look up high for them, since they all involve leaping off a rooftop, or the green circles on the minimap. You’ll receive the wingsuit after you reach agility level 5.

Gamerpoints: 10
Drive an Agency SUV into an airborne helicopter.

Another achievement that is made a million times easier with another player. Have one player grab the chopper from Agency Island and meet the other player somewhere on the map that has a hill or small cliff. Drive the SUV up on the hill and then launch off the side to hit the chopper. It’s also a lot easier if the chopper pilot moves into you in case you are off target.

Zero Factor
Gamerpoints: 10
Use a UV weapon to amass 20 Freak kills in a 10 second period.

On any of the Beacon Missions, when you enter the Freak hideouts, there will be swarms of Freaks that will gather around the light bomb. – Wait- wasn’t that Gears? Anyways, when the Freaks gather around the Beacon, unleash the UV Shotgun into crowds. Much like the Scarface achievement, there’s plenty of time to get 20 kills in 10 seconds.

July 9, 2010