Crackdown 2 video achievement guide

There are 15 of these quick little buggers throughout Pacific city. If you can grab them all, you are a better man than I, even if you’re a female.

Renegade Runner
Gamerpoints: 20
Find and collect every Renegade Agility Orb in Pacific City.

For these renegade orbs, you need to find all 30 of them that are scattered about. To make it easier to keep after them, imagine the orbs making the Nelson “Ha Ha” laugh every time you get close to it and just miss catching it.

Rooftop Racer
Gamerpoints: 20
Complete every Rooftop Race in Pacific City.

Pretty self explanatory. Find and complete each of the 15 races around the city.

Gamerpoints: 10
Use the minigun to amass 20 enemy kills in a 10 second period.

Once you get to level 4 in strength, you can tear a mounted gun off its base and carry it around with you to make this achievement much easier. You can also grab a minigun from one of the cell soldiers when you kick his ass. Either way, get a minigun and head to a crowd of Freaks and go to town on them. Having 10 seconds to get 20 kills is more than enough time with this bad ass weapon.

Speed Demon
Gamerpoints: 10
Complete a Road or Rooftop Race

Make your way to a Purple or Green Checkered flag on the map and compete in the race. The first races aren’t too difficult, so it’s pretty much a gimme achievement.

Squad City Glider
Gamerpoints: 20
4 Agents, Wingsuit-glide through the airspace of all islands in city within 30 secs of leader.

Much like the City Glider Achievement – except with 4 people. Like follow the leader – except way up in the sky!

Street Racer
Gamerpoints: 20
Complete every Road Race in Pacific City.

Just like the Rooftop Races, there are 15 road races to complete. Finish them all to nab the cheevo.

Street Sweeper
Gamerpoints: 10
While driving a vehicle kill 5 enemies in a single power slide.

Another Achievement you’ll want to do at night time when the Freaks are out. Head to a crowd of them in any somewhat fast moving car and hit the A button and turn. Slide the back end of your car into the crowd and watch the gooey goodness explode all over your bumper. Nail 5 and you’ll nail the achievement.

Gamerpoints: 10
Kill 25 Freaks with thrown objects or vehicles.

The bigger the better! For this achievement, grab a car and toss it into a crowd of Freaks. Once it lands, go grab it again and give it another toss. Rinse and repeat until the cheevo pops.

Gamerpoints: 20
Jump a vehicle through every Vehicle Stunt Ring in Pacific City.

Hit each of the 40 stunt rings around the city and have the bragging rights of this achievement. Some stunt rings will require different cars, so make sure you scope out each ring beforehand and bring the suitable car needed.