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Twitter Couch Potato

Yes, that’s right: social networking just got about 5000% better

Sunday 10 October will see the first ever Twitter Couch Potato, taking place live via our @SFXmagazine feed. From 6.30 pm , a bunch of SFX team members and writers will be collectively logged into the SFX account, wherever they may be (we don't all live in the same house, like The Monkees), and posting perceptive, witless and quite possibly inebriated remarks on Spider-Man 2 as it airs on Channel Five . Exciting, huh?

We’ll put our names at the start of each comment, so you can follow who’s tweeting. It’ll look something like this:

Jayne: Something about Misha Collins. Squee! #SFXcp

Ian: I’m being acerbic. Look at me, aren’t I cutting? #SFXcp

DaveB: I’m saying something amusing. Chortle. #SFXcp

And you can take part too! Simply add the hashtag #SFXcp to the end of your tweet. We’ll keep an eye on what’s posted, and retweet a selection of the best at all our 10,000+ followers.

Contributing to the SFX Twitter stream this Sunday will be:
SFX Editor-In-Chief Dave Bradley
SFX Reviews Editor Ian Berriman (
Regular columnist and geek goddess Jayne Nelson (
Regular reviewer Jon Hamblin (

If this inaugural effort goes well, we have plans to make Twitter Couch Potato a regular thing. But it needs an audience for it to work, which means we really need YOU . So…

* If you aren't already doing so, follow us at @SFXmagazine.
* Mark the date and time on your calendar.
* Email your friends.
* Tweet your friends.
* Poke your friends.
* Remember the #SFXcp hashtag.
*Set the Sky+ to record The X Factor , obviously (everyone knows it's much better when you fast forward through all the rubbish anyway).
* And make sure you’re with us from 6.30pm to 9.00pm on Sunday 10 October , tuned into Channel Five , with snacks and drinks within easy reach, ready to join the fun.