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Collette and Farrell fancy a Fright Night

Just when you’re ready to write off all horror remakes as hollow cash-ins not worth the digital codes/celluloid they’re imprinted on, one comes along that grabs you by the throat and forces you to rethink.

One such remake is producer Mike De Luca’s Fright Night , a reboot of the 1985 vampire flick that has since morphed into a cult classic.

First we had the surprisingly positive news that Star Trek ’s Anton Yelchin would be playing the lead Charley Brewster, a teen who believes his new neighbour is a vampire.

Now Colin Farrell and Toni Collette have joined the cast. The former has landed the role of Jerry Dandridge, the potential vamp neighbour whose charms intoxicate Toni Collette’s useless mum.

This trio of surprisingly high profile stars could be just what the remake needs to ensure it doesn’t become just another lacklustre reboot along the lines of Friday The 13th and Texas Chain Saw Massacre – let alone a Twilight -lite bandwagon-jumping waste.

The only lead character left to cast now is horror host Peter Vincent. Can the film garner another top talent for the part? Would it be too much to hope for Christoph Waltz? If he’s willing to do work with people like Paul WS Anderson, surely he’d be up for this?

Of course, if we're going to dream a little, how about horror ledge Christopher Lee? Though the fella's getting a bit too old to do all the running around, he'd be perfect for the role.

Source: [ Heat Vision ]

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