Clancy's EndWar: new shots

After the first details appeared on the weblast week, publisher Ubisoft has now released the first shots from its PS3 and Xbox 360 real-time strategy title, Tom Clancy's EndWar, for official online consumption. You can supersize both shots for optimumviewing by clicking on the Images tababove this article, selecting an image and clicking the supersize button.

As a console exclusive RTS, Ubisoft has promised that it will tinker with the traditionally PC-centric strategy template to make sure EndWar appeals to gamers not familiar with the wonders of personal computing. Certainly the prospect of barking orders (via voice command) at our units on EndWar's near-future battlegrounds has us hoping that Ubisoft can accomplish its objective and deliver a solid RTS experience that works minus a mouse and keyboard.

We'll definitely be watching the progress of Clancy's latest modern warfare skirmish with interest, so stay close for updates.

May 9, 2007