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Chris Evans wins Captain America role

After what feels like an eternity of debate and indecision, Chris Evans has finally been awarded the title role in Joe Johnston’s The First Avenger: Captain America .

Evans was offered a chance to play the superhero in a $300,000 contract that would sign him up to a nine-film deal – that includes sequels as well as the proposed The Avengers movie(s).

The actor took a few days to consider the offer – it’s a big responsibility, considering nine films is basically signing away a good couple of decades of your life when shooting and press junkets et al are taken into consideration – but ultimately decided to take it. Who wouldn’t he?! As well as being an awesome role, you're set for life in the money stakes.

Evans beat out competition from Channing Tatum and Sebastian Stan, who would have been the only two actors left on the list had Evans turned down the part.

Shooting on Johnston’s flick is to commence over the summer, and the film is set to hit cinemas on 22 July, 2011.

Is Evans the best actor for the part? He’s definitely the most suitable of the actors that Marvel had in consideration (um, Chace Crawford, WTF?!), and has proven himself a charismatic presence in the nevertheless-rubbish Fantastic Four films.

This will be a tricky character to get right, though. Evans will have to reel in his cockier disposition for a more serious superhero, but also do so without becoming wooden and boring (um, Push ). We’ve got a feeling he can do it, though.

Now let’s get that camera rolling, eh?

Is Chris Evans your idea of a good Camptain America?