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Check out this new Xbox One controller with frickin' laser-cut gold mesh and rubber grips

The newest Xbox One controller looks like it fell off of a cyberpunk mercenary and, honestly, I love it. The Recon Tech Special Edition wireless controller for Xbox One is a laser-cut above the usual surface-level cosmetic variants: that gold grid on the front is actually laser-etched into the plastic, and the rear has a texturized rubber grip. 

Here are some shots of the controller in real life, via Xbox social marketing manager Graeme Boyd.

What do those symbols in the middle mean? Propeller plane detected, spiky loops ahead, martini olives forbidden? It doesn't matter, I'm too in love with those Deus Ex-as-hell golden triangle grids to care.

The Xbox One Recon Tech Special Edition wireless controller will hit retailers and the Microsoft Store on April 25 in the US and May 4 in the UK. It'll cost $69.99/£59.99, which is $10/£10 more than the standard black or white controllers. If you think about it, that's just $5/£5 per triangle mesh. What. A. Steal.

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