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Charlie Brown and Snoopy hit the Croisette: Cannes 2015

Some of the biggest stars in movie history have walked down Cannes’ world famous Croisette, and now you can add Charlie Brown and his canine BFF Snoopy to that list. Well, sort of. Because amid all the glitz, glamour and deadly serious film screenings The Peanuts Movie is on hand at this year’s festival to provide a moment of four-panel levity for anyone who wants their picture taken with Charles M Schulz’s beloved characters.

After an opening film that proved tough going for 10am on a Wednesday, Total Film made a bee-line for the Carlton Hotel where, among the numerous posters for Terminator: Genisys, Mad Max: Fury Road and more, you can get your picture taken with Charlie and Snoops in familiar theatrical surroundings. As with all things Cannes, there was a lengthy queue involved first, but the bucket of popcorn we were handed was most welcome. Particularly given that taking the humble cinema snack into film screenings at Cannes is a big no-no.

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The Peanuts Movie marks the first time Charlie Brown and Snoopy have had their own big screen adventure in 35 years and sees Snoopy square off against the Red Baron, while Charlie Brown falls for the Little Red-Haired Girl. Blue Sky Studios (of Ice Age, Rio and Robots fame) are behind the CG animation which is aiming to recapture the charming, hand drawn quality of the original strips.

The Peanuts Movie opens on 6 November 2015 in the US, and 21 December in the UK.

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