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Call of Duty players happy to sit in own piss and crap. Amazon has proof

Basically,adult diapershave been found on And they've been found to be frequently bought with Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. Because it seems some gamers just refuse to take a break for anything. Even basic human dignity. Don't tellthe BBC.

The above item is currently retailing on Amazon for $15.05. But who's buying it? The incontinent? Scat fetishists? Incontinent scat fetishists, celebrating how their physical ailments and sexual predilections have synched up rather fortuitously, thank you very much? No. No, gamers are buying them. You know, for pooping in when they don't want to stop playing CoD:

Think this is just me making a gag out of a random alignment of inconsequential metadata? So do I, but only because the truth is so bleak that I've spent all morning in denial, to the point that I've now become completely mentally divergent and also believe I am the Queen. I'm afraid, ladies and gentlemen, that the customer reviews confirm the dark reality:

I hope these guys are taking the piss. I really hope these guys are taking the piss. If not, thenI don't muchtrust the world any more. In a way, I actually feel better about theguy whocomplained that the diapers mask the smell too much.


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