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Busted Cheats: Week 2 - Illinois and global exclusive Huxley cheats

Game: GTA IV
Submitted By: i forgot how to type

Cheat Title:...
Entry Location: in game
Cheat: could you tell me how to submit a cheat to gta 4 plz

Our clever response: Congratulations on your new accomplishment! Next time, try submitting something relevant to anything.

Game: Mario Party 8
Submitted By: Mr.GameAndWatch

Cheat Title: Prove Mario is gay
Entry Location:
Poke Mario in his nuts and watch what happens.You'll be very surprised.

Our clever response: If you poke a straight video game character nothing will happen. If you poke a gay video game character, you'll receive a certificate clearly stating his sexuality in the mail in the next 4-6 weeks. Get it framed, put it over the fireplace or pass it off as a diploma from a fictional university.

Game: Rugby 08
Submitted By: Combatsports4life

Cheat Title: Unlock every rugby player in history!
Entry Location:
Cheat: Complete evry world cup challenge with a gold medal.

Our clever response: You may be under the impression that legendary rugby player William Webb Ellis (Rugby college 1816-1825) was responsible for changing the rules of the game to allow players to run with the ball, but while it may be true that he disregarded the rules of the game and sparked imaginations, the rules didn't actually change until 1846, long after his departure from the University. This cheat unlocks him anyway.

Game: Tony Hawk's Underground 2
Submitted By: ME

Cheat Title: Get laid
Entry Location: LA
Cheat: go up to some girl and get 1,000,000 in a combo and BAM!!!

Our clever response: High scores in videogames are the ultimate aphrodisiac.

Game: Godzilla: Unleashed
Submitted By: carson younger

Cheat Title: unlock all monsers
Entry Location: title screen
Cheat: at the title screen press up+A and put in 204935 if that does not work try 031406

Our clever response: It's good to have a backup code ready in case the first one doesn't work for some reason. For example, it could be totally made up, in which case you would need to use the backup cheat. And backup cheats are, of course, always 100 percent correct.

Game: Wii Fit
Submitted By: Jamie Craw

Cheat Title: Easy Yoga Knee Bending Thing
Entry Location:
Cheat: because it says you have to get it on-top of the blue line, just sit on the correct side and play your DS or something.


Game: Wii Fit
Submitted By: Kayla Boardman

Cheat Title: Not Having to step sideways on step
Entry Location:
Cheat: When you are playing step or advanced step (in arobics) when it tells you to step sidways, just step backwards and there is no difference!

Our clever response: That's the problem with
Wii Fit Yoga (opens in new tab)is that it's too much work. This is one completely voluntary fitness program that won't be getting us to do any real exercise.

That's it for this weeks worst cheat submissions. They were even worse than last weeks. Along with the stinkers we got some genuinely good cheats this week, too. Check them out, along with all the other guides, cheats and strategy we have for you, atCheatPlanet (opens in new tab).

Thanks this week to the following people who submitted valid cheats and helped out their fellow gamers:

Steven Smith
mario kartzz
the noob hunter
Noah Strayve

To submit cheats and join the ranks of these elite cheat submitters in next week's Busted Cheats (or to bother us by submitting more stupid cheats), just gohere (opens in new tab). Of course, the good ones will be honored and given credit for their work on CheatPlanet for all eternity. Someday you might be able to show your grandkids the cheat you submitted and the silly name you used to take credit for it.

Jun 5, 2008