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Brothers Justice trailer online

Brother's Justice

Jon Favreau. Bradley Cooper. Tom Arnold. Ashton Kutcher. Fancy seeing them all in the same movie? Well, your dreams are about to come true, dear friends.

They’re all appearing in Dax Shepard’s mad-looking mockumentary Brother’s Justice , which follows Shepard as himself, attempting to transform into an action hero with a little help from his Hollywood buddies.

Now, the trailer for the flick – which is Shepard’s feature directorial debut, having starred in Zathura, Employee Of The Month and Baby Mama – is online. Check it out below…

Are Favs and Kutch in on the joke? They're wearing pretty impressive poker faces here - though Cooper's obviously been tipped off for their front yard scrap, meaning we're more in Spinal Tap territory than public-baiting Borat terrain.

Shepard has obviously had a thumb through his little black book to pull in those big names, and considering he’s best known as an improv master, this could turn out to be a raucous ride.

But If He’s Just Not That Into You taught us anything, it's that a film is worth more than its weight in A-list stars, so here’s hoping Shepard has some aces up his sleeve for the rest of the film.