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Brink's Agent of Change DLC arriving August 3rd

Bethesda has assigned an August 3rdarrival date for the Brink DLC, Agents of Change. The pack will be available for free during the first two weeks of its run on the PlayStation Network, Xbox Live and Steam, after which it will be sold for a undisclosed charge.

The weighty add-on includes two new multiplayer 'districts' including Founder's Tower, an “iconic spire housing the island's wealthy elite”; and the Labs Facility, a underwater map offering close quarters combat. Plan your attack strategy with a few of the newly released DLCscreens below:

Above and below: Founder's Tower...where the rich get richer and the poor get shootier

Above and below: Labs Facility

In addition to the new killing zones, Agents of Change will also raise the current level cap to 24, and introduce new abilities, outfits, weapon attachments, as well as a fresh batch of trophies and achievements.

Full details of the forthcoming Brink DLC can be found atSplash Damage's website (opens in new tab). At the low, low price of nothing, it's hard to find fault with the any of the new content. That is, assuming you're playing Brink. You are, aren't you?

Jul 29, 2011

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