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Bright Memory confirmed as Xbox Series X launch title ahead of 2021 Bright Memory: Infinite release

(Image credit: FYQD Studio)

Bright Memory is officially an Xbox Series X/Xbox Series S launch title, ahead of the 2021 release of Bright Memory: Infinite.

For clarification, Bright Memory is a fast-paced fusion of the FPS and action genres developed by just one person using the Unreal Engine. It was released on Steam in 2019 and was initially considered the first episode in a series, before developer FYQD Studio decided to remake and significantly expand upon it. Thus, Bright Memory: Infinite was born. 

Bright Memory tasks you with combining a wide variety of melee and ranged attacks to unleash formidable combos upon your foes. You'll play Sheila, an agent of the Supernatural Science Research Organization, living in a 2036 cyberpunk world and solving environmental puzzles to move forward. For more context of just what kind of beautiful chaos Bright Memory will bring, check out the trailer that debuted at the Future Games Show here

The announcement that Bright Memory is moving towards an Xbox Series X November 10 launch day release came during the PLAYISM Game Show, where the 2021 release for Bright Memory: Infinite was also announced. Expect the expanded version of Bright Memory to push Xbox Series X and PC graphics cards to their limit when it drops sometime next year (stay tuned for a release date). 

The next generation of consoles is upon us, so expect there to be a whole host of announcements regarding upcoming releases in the near future. 

For now, check out our complete list of upcoming Xbox Series X games.

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