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BLOG True Blood 2.04

Blogger Kell Harker gives her verdict of episode four of True Blood's second season. [WARNING: contains big spoilers]

2.04 "Let’s Take A Trip Together" (alternatively: "Shake and Fingerpop")
Written by Alan Ball
Directed by Michael Lehmann

Blogger rating:

THE ONE WHERE It’s Tara’s birthday and she can cry if she wants to. Bill, Sookie, and Jessica travel to Dallas to gather information on the whereabouts of Godric. Meanwhile, Jason gets punk’d by his roommates at anti-vamp boot camp.

VERDICT This episode feels different from the first three of the season, with more laugh-out-loud moments thanks in most part to adorably goofy Jessica Hamby. Watching her try to free herself from her coffin and learning to glamour humans was hilarious. Jessica’s innocence and immaturity are quickly making her one of the most interesting and endearing characters on the show. She also has the best hair on the show. Other than Eric.

Jason’s storyline still remains cleverly written, as he remains tormented with guilt and confused about his official position on vampires. Even though the Light of Day retreat is the wrong place for him to be - he’s clearly not the murdering, prejudice type - it’s still great to see him in a leadership role. All he seems to lack is a little bit of self-awareness. He’s also been suppressing his libido, so something’s gotta give soon.

Also quickly becoming a favourite, Michelle Forbes is doing an amazing job in her role as Maryann: the most mysterious and manipulative character so far in the series. Maryann’s feminine charms, elegant demeanor and do-gooder attitude aren’t fooling Sam, however, as he knows she’s not who she appears to be. And it’s by the end of this episode when some of the mystery surrounding Maryann is revealed, as we watch her transform into the bull creature that has been lurking in the Bon Temps woods and attacking people. Although there’s still a lot of questions about who she is and the extent of her supernatural powers, that means there’s only lots to look forward to in the coming episodes. Her costume and make-up is brilliantly done: the hideous looking claws turned out to be a great accessory for the Greek goddess-like gown she wears at Tara’s birthday party. Surprise! She’s a monster.

There’s plenty of other shocking moments in this episode, including learning that Daphne knows Sam is a shapeshifter (she’s also been hiding a secret for her very own) and Sookie finding another telepath in Dallas. And what would a True Blood episode be without sex - and there was certainly a very *ahem* creative orgy scene at Tara’s party, which felt uncomfortable to watch, and yet my eyes couldn’t look away from the screen.

With everything that has been jam-packed into this episode, it’s regrettable to not be able to give it more than a five star rating. Can I give it two thumbs and two big toes up, instead?

ADD IT TO YOUR iPOD Country song “Louisiana Hot Sauce” by Sammy Kershaw works perfectly for Jason’s saucy fantasy of BBQ’ing hottie Sarah Newlin.

HOW TO TRAIN YOUR VAMPIRE Jessica learns how to glamour, and has some fun trying out her new skill.

EWW! Eric being able to smell Lafayette’s leg starting to rot, Bon Temps residents scarfing dirt like it was chocolate and watching Daphne and Sam seductively feeding each other are all moments that might make you say, “Eww!”

BEST LINE Jason: “Evil is making the premeditated choice to be a dick.”

This episode reviewed by SFX in issue 187 (five stars). For more True Blood blogs and reviews, click on the True Blood tag on this page.