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Black Ops 2/Mass Effect 2 mix-up: BioWare says 'it's an omen' and runs a competition

As we reported yesterday, some unlucky gamers found a copy of Mass Effect 2 in place of their Call of Duty: Black Ops II second disc when they opened their shiny new purchases. But BioWare doesn't think it's necessarily a mistake. It could just as likely be... an omen. And, apparently, "when the universe talks, you should listen".

That's right, according to this official blog post, the Mass Effect developer reckons the universe is saying you should play Mass Effect. But, seeing as Mass Effect 2 is the second game in a trilogy, it's probably not the best place for the universe to suggest you start, so it (BioWare, that is, not 'the universe') is running a competition of sorts. The first 50 people to send in a picture of them with their unexpected second disc will be sent a free copy of Mass Effect Trilogy.

It's making light of what's probably a very serious situation for somebody somewhere along the production process, but you can't blame BioWare for taking advantage of a massive opportunity for some free publicity. Not to mention a cheeky dig at its rival.

Justin Towell

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