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BioWare is teasing a PlayStation event announcement

Hmmm, what is BioWare up to? We're already far too excited about tonight's PlayStation event without more teases. First up on the 'guilty of tantalising hints' list is Mass Effect creative director Mac Walters. When a BioFan tweeted that "something may *or* may not be going down at the Sony press conference" Walters tweeted the below.  

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"Just in case" eh? He then retweeted a post from BioWare designer and artist Alistair McNally who is....

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McNally then followed this Tweet up with a post about changing his avatar and background which are now, interestingly, Dragon Age themed. This might be a humourous attempt to throw us off track though as Mass Effect Andromeda producer Michael Gamble just had the below to say. 

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Now, what could all this mean? Popping on some speculation goggles for a sec, it could very well be BioWare getting excited to show off what Mass Effect Andromeda looks like on the new version of the PS4. New footage is definitely imminent as we didn't exactly get much from EA's E3 showing. What better way to show off than even prettier visuals?

Either that or will this be the studio's first VR announcement? Bethesda is in with Doom and Fallout 4 so with PlayStation VR clearly a big focus tonight, this would be a perfect time to reveal a virtual reality offering. 

There's also the will they/won't they argument regarding Mass Effect trilogy remasters to contend with. Whatever BioWare's up to, we won't have long to wait. The Sony event is at 8pm GMT/3pm ET/12pm PT today. 

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