Bioshock Infinite telescope and kinetoscope locations guide

Soldier's Field

Soldier's Field Welcome Center - "A City in the Sky? Impossible!"

Once you enter the main building, head right. You'll find this Kinetoscope near a model of the park.

Soldier's Field - "Mighty Songbird Patrols the Sky!"

Cross the bridge to the park proper, then make two quick left turns. This Kinetoscope stands next to the walkway you just crossed.

Patriot's Pavilion - "Who Are the Vox Populi?"

Once you enter the large courtyard area where the cops are getting a speech, enter the building to the right - this is the Patriot's Pride Pavilion. In the back of the store on the ground floor, you'll find another Kinetoscope.

Hall of Heroes Plaza - "Who Needs the Power Company?"

Once you reach the courtyard entrance to the Hall of Heroes, battle your way to the doors. Before entering, turn right to find a Kinetoscope against the wall.

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