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BioShock Infinite telescope and kinetoscope locations guide: Where to look through every eyepiece

Return to Soldier's Field

The First Lady's Aerodome - "A City Mourns..."

Just after you get off the gondola, you'll battle some enemies in a lobby area. Centered under the stairs is another Kinetoscope.

Finkton Docks

Finkton Docks - Telescope #5

Near the end of the zone, a Handyman will throw you onto a suspended crate. After being rescued by Elizabeth, you'll be on a new docking area. Turn around to find a Telescope that gives you a nice view of Fink Manufacturing.

Worker Induction Center - "The Path of the Vox Populi..."

The first area of Finkton Proper is the Worker Induction Center. Immediately upon entering the area, look left to spot a blue hallway. Midway down the hall is another Kinetoscope.

Finkton Proper

The Good Time Club - "Crime Comes to 'Shanty-Town'..."

Once you head up the curved stairs to enter the club proper, turn around to spot this Kinetoscope next to a vending machine.

The Good Time Club - "The First Lady"

After battling Fink's selection of minions in the main area, all the doors will unlock. In the back middle of the lower area is a newly opened hallway. At the end, you'll find this Kinetoscope.

The Good Time Club - "Gun-Smith Set Free!"

After stepping through the tear, start making your way out of the club. When you reach the entrance lobby, note that the Kinetoscope is now on the other side of the vending machine. That's because this is a different one.


The Bull Yard - Telescope #6

As soon as you enter the area, look up and to the left to spot a freight hook. Use it to reach the balcony above, where you'll find a Telescope along the railing.

The Bull House - "Fitzroy Spotted!"

As soon as you enter, look right to spot a desk area behind some windows. Head back there to find a Kinetoscope among the desks.

Return to Finkton Proper

On to the Factory - Telescope #7

You'll find this during the massive Vox Populi attack on the factory. After taking down the zeppelin, head up the stairs past the statue of Jeremiah Fink. At the top, turn to the center to see this Telescope. Hop on to get a view of the enormous Fink statue in the distance.

The Office of Jeremiah Fink - Telescope #8

Wait for the battle to end, then head to the edge of the platform opposite the elevator. There's a Telescope over here that will give you a nice view of the burning factories.

Port Prosperity

Port Prosperity Station - Telescope #9

Just before taking the gondola to Emporia, head to the walkway opposite the Gun Automaton tear. Over here is a Telescope that will give you a great view of the gondola's destination.

The Salty Oyster - "Lutece's Brother Arrives in Columbia!"

On your way to Comstock's house (just before entering Grand Central Depot), you'll come to a small courtyard. On the right side from where you enter is The Salty Oyster bar. Have Elizabeth pick the lock to give you access, then head to the back right of the building. Between the bathrooms, you'll find this Kinetoscope.

Downtown Emporia

Victory Square - Telescope #10

This one is easy to miss. It's just outside the gate for the path between Victory Square and Memorial Gardens.

Bank of the Prophet - "A Look Back at Opening Day!"
Bank of the Prophet - "The Prophet Stands Up to Foes: Within and Without!"
Bank of the Prophet - "We Secede from the So-Called 'Union'"

After the huge firefight in the Financial District, you'll be presented with several locked doors. The one in the central area leads to the Bank of the Prophet (you'll come here later anyway). Have Elizabeth pick it open, then head inside. Head to the lobby area to find several Kinetoscopes along the wall.

Comstock House

The Atrium - "Sunrise"

After stepping off the elevator to look for the warden's office, head left. A Kinetoscope rests against a column in this back area.

Where We Work - "Hummingbirds"

This one can't be missed - it's in the hallway on your way through Where We Work.

Where We Learn - "Battleship Falls"

Just before leaving the area for the Warden's Office, this Kinetoscope will be along the opposite wall.

The Hand of the Prophet

Comstock House Roof - Telescope #11

Just before boarding the gondola to the airship proper, look left to spot the game's final Telescope.

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