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Best Of British Special

We’re hoisting up the Union Jack and saluting the finest TV science fiction the UK has ever produced in our rather spiffing new special edition

Britain’s Got Talent

We'’e a patriotic bunch here at SFX , and why wouldn’t we be? Our rain-swept little island has produced some of the most imaginative, inventive and memorable science fiction ever to appear on the small screen. Internationally renowned for our ability to shock and awe, there is a fine British tradition of top-notch science fiction. From Being Human to Blake’s Seven , Misfits to Merlin , you’ll find something that'll make your heart swell with pride in our Best Of British special, available from all reputable news vendors today!

Who Heaven!

We take a stroll through 48 years of Whovian history, with a decade-by-decade examination of the Doctor’s career so far. There’s also a complete Torchwood episode guide, and Russell T Davis talks Torchwood past and present. Splendid!

Interviews galore!

We had a cup of tea and a natter with some of the biggest and brightest names in Brit SF:

  • Being Human creator Toby Whithouse picks his top five moments from the show.
  • Howard Overman and the Misfits crew discuss series three, ASBOs and Robert Sheehan’s upper thighs.
  • Red Dwarf co-creator Rob Grant reveals his sci-fi past.
  • Merlin co-creator Johnny Capps on his plans for the next series of medieval magic.
  • Bedlam head honcho Neil Jones talks supernatural suspense.

Brits Behind The Scenes

As befitting a nation of craftsmen and effects wizards, some of our finest work happens off-screen – we lift the lid on British special effects:

  • Thunderbirds , Captain Scarlet , Stingray - we take a look at the genius of Gerry Anderson.
  • They’ve provided the marvellous monsters for the likes of Primeval , Doctor Who and , so we decided to find out exactly what goes on at The Mill.
  • Brittania takes to the skies as we cast an eye over the finest British space ships ever produced.

Retro Heaven

We cast our memories back to the halcyon days of home-grown TV.

  • Find out SFX ’s take on the Best British Sci-Fi Shows Of All Time .
  • We analyse quintessential episodes of The Prisoner and in an attempt to distil the essence of perfect TV.
  • As any film fan knows, we Brits make fine villains –and we’ve rounded up some of the best (or should that be worst?) for your delight and delectation.

Free Gifts!

That’s right, we’re even throwing in some fancy freebies, including a Red Dwarf car sticker , and a double-sided poster featuring either Matt Smith or everyone’s favourite bunch of Misfits .

Don’t delay! Throw on your Union Jack underpants, don your finest bowler hat and make your way to your local news sheet emporium, where you can indulge yourself in a slice of the very Best Of British. Alternatively, point your internet pipe here and click for victory.