Bad Company plot details unloaded

Battlefield Bad Company isn't just about destructive force, mowing down the opposition or tactical awareness. Bringing all these actions together is a neat,macho plot that will be instantly familiar - and entertaining - to fans of classic character-driven war flicks like Three Kings or Kelly's Heroes.

This month's Edge brings us some gorgeous new images from the singleplayer-focused warfest, and also some details about the game's storyline.

As you probably know by now, Bad Company moves away from Battlefield's traditional blankfaced military carnage to a grunt-level viewpoint, with four soldiers and their personalities chewing through the scenery of an Eastern Bloc warzone.

You're a fresh recruit to B Company, and alongside squad buddies Sarge, Sweetwater and Haggard, you quickly break from orders to invade nearby neutral territory, on the trail of an eye-wateringly large stash of gold bullion.

Your first moments, in fact, find you overhearing your three comrades-in-arms as they plan to disobey the orders that your squad has been issued. From here on in you'll be beyond the usual chain of command. Bad Company's focus is on your actions, the orders are from your squad mates (or from you at times), and the war is on your level.

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June 7, 2007