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Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood trailer 'reveals' Raiden costume; we do it one better

Just in case you didn't already know about it, publisher Ubisoft put out a trailer today thatgives the curious a brief glimpse of the costume, and reminds viewers that it can be unlocked by finishing every challenge in Brotherhood's VR Training mode.

While that's an elegant video and all, it's more than a little strange to "tease" something that's already common knowledge (among people who know how tolook up cheats and secrets on the internet, anyway). But if you haven't already unlocked it for yourselfand would like to get a better look at Ezio's high-heeled robot suit – which shows up in cutscenes as well as gameplay – we've put together our own video to give youa somewhat clearer look at what to expect:

Dec 7, 2010

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