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Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag elite ship upgrades guide

Elite Heavy Shot Storage, Petite Cavern

Coordinates – 901,263

This map will be found at Cayman Sound. Head to the upper right side of the islands outer edge and look for some rocks embedded near some trees. The treasure and designs themselves are located at Petite Cavern near some rocks behind the campfire. Walk down the sloped ramp and keep going past the fire to find where you have to dig.

Elite Broadside Cannons, The Blue Hole

Coordinates – 471,170

Take the diving bell down at the coordinates and look for a huge face that looks a bit like Falkor on a stick. Swim past it and go straight down. Look for a rectangle on the sea bed which is the side of the wreck. Go over the top and around the back to find the chest on the sea floor.

Elite Mortar Storage, Mantanzas

Coordinates – 333,650

The treasure map leading to the Elite Mortar Storage can be found on a corpse along the North East edge of Tortuga beach. At Mantanzas head through the village and look for some ruins where you’ll find the treasure under this recess.

Elite Fire Barrel Storage, Isla Providencia

Cordinates – 502,44

The treasure map is found as part of the Scarlatina mission. While the actual plans are found on the Southern coast of Isla Providencia. Look out for a wrecked ship but don’t worry, this is on dry land. You’ll find the design plans by digging in among these three trees.

Elite Harpoon, Andreas Island

Coordinates – 579,720

You’ll find the map for the top harpoon upgrade just to the left of the centre of Mariguana Island. To find the design plans themselves head out to the coordinates and look for this little circular island just off the coast with three trees. Dig just in front of the two trees growing together.

Elite Ram, La Concepcion Shipwreck

Coordinates – 181,296

More sharks, so you’ll need to use the weeds to stay un-eaten once you’ve used the diving bell to get down there. At least this one is easy to recover. Look for the main mast and you should find the chest in a small alcove behind it.

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