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Always skip the Game of Thrones credits? You may have missed a cool Easter egg this week

It turns out when everyone in Westeros says winter is coming it actually means a lot more than a flurry of snow and a change in the seasons. Game of Thrones season 7 has some brand-new shiny opening credits that reflect the wintry mood but, as one eagle-eyed Redditor pointed out, it’s also offering up a big clue to do with The Hound’s prophecy.

Reddit user RohitMSasi (H/T Harper’s Bazaar) has noticed a big difference just east of the Wall in the show’s opening credits (and I bet you just skip it every time, right? That’ll teach you).

A side-by-side of season 7’s credits alongside the version from season 6 shows that the sea next to the Wall is in the process of/already has frozen over. That chimes with The Hound’s fiery prophecy that the White Walkers are about to march past the wall and not through it or over it.

What does that mean for the remaining five episodes? For one thing, I can use terrible Euron thin ice puns but, more importantly, the Night’s King and his legion of the undead can probably waltz into the Westerosi mainland whenever they see fit. That’s a scary proposition and, judging by the pace of this season, I wouldn’t be all that surprised to see them rock up next week.

Image: HBO

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