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Alien: Isolation studio puts out a teaser image for its new sci-fi FPS in hiring drive

Creative Assembly FPS teaser image
(Image credit: Creative Assembly)

Creative Assembly has put out a new sort-of-teaser for its upcoming sci-fi FPS as a call for potential job seekers.

The Tweet from the Alien: Isolation studio's official Twitter account teases "something radically different in the FPS space" and it includes a teaser image that shows a first-person image from the inside of some kind of spaceship or colony - along with a ton of nods to the studio's own accolades and other beloved properties from within the same parent company.

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If you didn't know this was from a recruitment drive for a Sega-owned company, it would be a very weird image to look at. There's the planet in the distance and the first-person hand holding a futuristic gun, of course - then you see there's a little Sonic the Hedgehog statuette floating out in the void of space, a bunch of bananas sitting on a pedestal (likely as a nod to Super Monkey Ball), a bunch of stickers saying how great of a place the studio is to work, and a BAFTA gun charm, among other teasers.

The job listings specify that Creative Assembly's Alien: Isolation team (the studio is also responsible for the Total War series) is "exploring new frontiers with a brand-new and exciting First-Person Shooter IP." It first announced the project back in September 2018, calling it a multiplayer FPS that will "allow players to embrace a variety of creative playstyles."

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