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Alan Wake: The Movie (sorta)

When you're not running through recycled forests, fighting recycled monsters, Alan Wake can be a very cinematic game. The characters and dialoguewould fitright into aStephen King movie, while the episodic structure and surreal imagery are clearly inspired by shows like Twin Peaks.

But if you thought Microsoft's survival horror story was well-suited to live-action before - especially after watching the "Bright Falls" prequels - wait until you see this new music video for "War," one of the Poets of the Fall songs featured on its soundtrack. This is basically a mini-movie adaptation of Alan Wake, with scenes and moments taken directly from the game.

Above: Hey, that's Alan Wake! Played by Ilkka Villi, the same guy who portrayed him (physically, not vocally) in the game

Above: A very familiar manuscript page

Above: Cauldron Lake, and the Dark Presence

Above: Even the lighting effects are the same

Above: Seriously, this is barely distinguishable from the game

Above: This, on the other hand?Randomly blurry and patriotic clown?
Not so much

Jun 10, 2010

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