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A rather impressive list of videogame currency

Collect 100 and get an extra life.

In addition to bananas, the Banana Coins enable you to buy things from your brethren Kongs like save points and plane flights to other worlds. Kremkoins are collected in bonus levels and after boss fights.

100 of these nets you a shiny extra life.

At least Moolah is slang for money and not something ridiculous like Meseta.

Currency found from killing monsters or for completing a quest. C’mon, it’s an RPG.

Fun fact: The currency in the Pokemon series is based off the Japanese Yen and wasn’t actually called Pokemon Dollars until Pokemon Colosseum. Since it's only represented as a symbol in the mainline games, many fans simply refer to the currency as dollars.

Used to purchase upgrades, weapons, gadgets, gadzooks, hijinks, whatchamacallits and blammo.

Probably keeps you from dying like the other Sonic games.

Fol = money. Fulfills the same function as every other RPG.

Both are main resources in the StarCraft universe, used for a variety of functions by the Protoss, Terrans and Zerg.

Collect 100. Get an extra life.

Keeps ya from dying and can net you an extra life to boot! Score.

Why did we collect these again?

Apr 15, 2009

Yes, they're all longer than Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix

And five more with absolutely no love for the red, white and blue